may and lyrics to a song


captain-lyricsso it’s may first and a pretty good time to be posting something. I was thinking today that despite the rain (or because of) it is a time to be excited. A couple of live shows and getting to finish our ep and master it make for a good month…for anyone. Hard to realize and take accurate stock in these times. Anyway, I was working on a new idea for a song today (first time since the studio I actually picked up the guitar with any purpose other than rehearsing) and I came across these lyrics. So I figured I’d put them up in advance of the ep should you come across it and maybe wanna get a heads up. You know, read-it-before-you-hear-it. It’s the latest craze. Replacing twitter, i hear, or read. Right now it’s called captain. Andy and I like the lyrics to this one, because it’s kinda optimistic, which for us is really optimistic. I’ve said it again, and I’ll say it before…it’s tough to write when you’re in a good mood. just one of those things. Hope you like it.


ps…hope you can read it.


~ by fieldtheory on May 1, 2009.

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