…I am too tired/lazy to come up with a clever title because

-We just spent the last 3 nights shaping and mixing a sweet batch of tunes and my ears and brain are both a little squeezed.

-On my way home from the studio I just got stuck in standstill traffic on the Kosciuszko Bridge on the foggiest night I’ve seen here in awhile, blasting the final mix of Atmosphere and thats kinda when my brain got squeezed. Would’ve made a cool video tho…

-It’s after 4am, I have to be at work by 9 and I’ve had roughly 8 hours sleep in the last few days since we started, but everytime I almost fall asleep the shuffle puts on My City and I wake up.

These last few days allowed us to triumphantly walk out tonight with mixes of all 7 tunes we’d recorded and still have a couple of weeks to fully digest them before they’re mastered.

Now the push continues: playing and booking more shows (The Annex 5/24), artwork , shameless self promotion (The Annex 5/24 10pm!!) and mapping out our attack for the next few months. If anyone’s interested in helping out with anything from street teams to merch, please let us know. It’s gonna be one crazy summer…minus those scary little redheaded twins.

Thanks to Josh and Seaside Lounge for another most excellent experience. I’m a delerious dude. Bed


ps. I have nothing personally against redheaded twins except in that particular movie, nor people who’s brains have, in fact, been squeezed, although I guess I wouldn’t recommend or endorse actually squeezing your brain or anything like that.


~ by fieldtheory on May 16, 2009.

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