Evidence & Sentiments EP Review

Here’s a review of our EP “Evidence & Sentiments” from POP Stereo Blog:

Field Theory Have The Evidence and Sentiment
Posted 12/7/2009 8:28 PM EST on firstcoastnews.com
Field Theory is a relatively young band (judging by their discography) who see themselves as a band outside of the normal pop music parameters. It’s not that they’re abstract or avant garde artists, it’s just that they see themselves as not really fitting the mold of what defines the current music scene today. Labelling themselves as a pop-driven band with the energy of post punk is how they tag themselves and that isn’t necessarily a bad description except I would add they ad a bit more pop to the mix. Coming off as a young, rough around the edges version of something like McAlmont and Butler meets early Muse, the band’s falsetto vocals and churning guitars have a bit of Britpop edge to them without ever knowing it.

The group’s second EP, Evidence and Sentiments is a raw, untapped record of huge songs waiting to come out. A bit under-produced but eager as heck, Evidence and Sentimentssounds young but after a few listens you just get a sense with a bit of tweaking and some solid production, Field Theory could be America’s answer to the gargantuan tunes that make up Muse’s repertoire. This is clearly a band that is starting to find it’s way and they’re just on the cusp of breaking it wide open. One listen to “Captain’s,” topsy turvy, ebb and flow style and you’ll see what I mean. The song hits enough peaks and valley’s to make an mountain climber ill and illustrates quite clearly that ownership of the big song is destined to be theirs.

Relatively long for an EP, Evidence and Sentimentsis an enjoyable listen of a most promising band. Field Theory may not be all that they say they are, but that’s the joy of Theories after all, they’re made to be disproved. If ever there was a band to keep an eye on, Field Theory would be it. It’s only a matter of time before someone scoops this band up, showers them with cash and unleashes them in the studio. I can’t wait for that day and I can’t wait for the record that comes out as a result.


~ by fieldtheory on December 9, 2009.

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